Chef Solus Track and Field Fuel-Up Challenge

 Play Track & Field Fuel-Up Challenge!

Chef Solus and the explorers are watching Track & Field champions.  Answer the nutrition questions and get your runner to the finish line!  If you score big, your runner could be standing on the gold podium!  Chef Solus wishes you good luck!

Instrucciones de Juego

Select your runner and click on the "START" button. Read the question at the top of the screen. When you are ready to answer it select the "START" button. You will be given 4 possible answers. To give your runner the best score in the event, select the correct answer as soon as possible. Once you have completed all the events, your runner will be placed on the gold, silver or bronze podium depending on how well you answered the questions!

Requisitos del Sistema

A high-speed Internet connection is recommended. You will need the latest Flash Player installed. You can download it for free from Adobe - http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/


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