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Make a sticker story book using your avatars. Over 30 scenes to choose from and over 500 stickers available. New stickers added frequently. Make as many as you want and share them! Do not put any personal information in the title. If you would like to put a name in your title, just put a first name. All book titles will be reviewed before you can share them.

Instrucciones del juego

Select a book from the bookcase. Start by decorating the cover of your book. Add a title, color the book cover and even add your own avatar. Then select a page you want to use by clicking on the pages to the right. Color your page with the bucket. Add stickers. Once you have added 5 stickers, you will be able to add another page. Once you have done 5 pages with at least 5 stickers, you will be able to create another book. You can sort your pages by clicking on the page and moving the page up or down. Write a story by writing on each page you create in the field below the picture. Make as many as you want. Click on the pull down menu to keep your book private or share it with your brothers and sisters or your class (depending on which adult signed you up!) You can also keep it private if you are not ready to share your book. Each page costs 10 points and each sticker costs 5 points. Earn 100 points for each book you create! Trophies: You will earn the first trophy when you have created 3 books, 5 books, 7 books and 10 books. Stars: You will earn 1 star on your book binder when you have completed 5 pages, 2 stars when you have completed 7 pages and 3 stars when you have completed 10 pages.

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